2 Boxes Collagen Peptide Powder 6g *20bags / box whitening collagen instant powder


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Collagen Peptide

  • Country of origin: China
  • shelf life: 24 months
  • product name: Collagen Peptide Powder
  • Net content (specification): 6g *20
  • Raw materials and ingredients:
  • Collagen, Vitamin C, Marine Fish Oligopeptide Powder, Citric Acid, Blueberry Powder
  • Production Date: Recently
  • Storage method: normal temperature
  • Production license number: SC12742130300010
  • Ingredients :Collagen, Vitamin C,-Marine fish oligopeptide powder, Citric acid, Blueberry powder
  • Specifications:6g *20bags / box
Collagen peptide powder can be actively absorbed by the human body without any
barrier, so that the body tissues can make full use of it. In addition, the average
molecular weight of Marine collagen peptide is smaller, which can effectively
supplement the collagen of the body and form a fine elastic network in the skin, which
locks in water and supports the skin.Restore skin elasticity,Restore skin
radiance,anti-aging,The Sleek hair,Supports Immune System
1. Enhances Skin, Hair & Nails; Supports Bones & Joint Health;
2. Supports Digestive System;
3. Supports Immune System; Maintains Healthy Weight.

collagen peptide

collagen peptide

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